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Revenu Quebec seems to have two ways to pay a balance owing on-line. One is to register your payment using your social security number. The other way is to use your 20-digit payment code. What's the difference? Is one method more secure than the other? And if I use the payment code method, do I have to re-register for each payment with a new payment code number?

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Hello QuebecCanuck,

Note social security number is for the USA, social insurance number is for Canada.

Payment is not done with the software.
For Revenu Québec the TPF-1026.0.2 bordereau de paiement is found in UFIle Tab 4 (tax Return) :
>>Left side of the screen 
*TP-1026.0.1.P - Quebec payment slip  < - - HERE
*Charitable donations (Quebec)
*Medical expenses (Quebec)

You can pay your balance due online or by cheque or money order.
479 – Balance due

For CRA the payment slip is not found in the software.  You do not need a slip if paying online. You can pay your balance due online or by cheque or money order.  You do not require a voucher if paying on line.  You can order payment vouchers (if needed) from CRA My account. 
CRA Payment : 


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