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Receiving error message when trying to file Head of Family return


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When I try to file the Head of Family return, Ufile is asking me to confirm that the spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL, when that is not the case.  If I select NO, the error remains.  If I select YES, the error is removed, but that is not correct.  Spouse's return shows no errors.  Should I just file anyway?  Is this a bug?  Thanks.

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Hello AnnaO,

F362] You have to confirm that your spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL. Click here.

In Interview >>Controls

*Schedule 2 Line 36100

>>Change to Yes (is CRA requirement even if UFIle knows the line = 0)

NOTE : This Is a CRA Requirement Not Ufile.  Pay special attention to the adjective "adjusted" taxable income. Because two people are compiling and submitting their returns together as a (married) couple, some values and credits are transferred from one partner to the other and that is the function of SCHEDULE 2. This detail is specified in the control question and error message.  This means is that the spouse's taxable income (line 26000) is equal to or less than their federal non-refundable tax credits (excluding a few, such as donations and medical expenses), which means that they will have no federal tax to pay

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