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Significant loss of refund amount due to claiming tuition fees (QC)

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Under the "Tuition, education, student loans" section, I added my daughter's last semester of study tuition fees (T2202 - Tuition).

Before I added her tuition information in this section, her calculated refund was $3,779.21 (Federal: $2,381.61 and Quebec: $1,397.60).

After I added the tuition details, i.e., Amount for post-secondary studies ($3,537), Eligible tuition fees ($177), Number of months of full-time post-secondary studies (5), and Charitable donations ($10), her calculated refund plummeted by over $2,000 to $1714.32 (Federal: $749.08 and Quebec: $965.24). This came as a complete surprise to me.

Does anyone know why this happened?

Is it worth claiming the tuition for her last semester of studies if the refund amount is taking such a hit? Am I obligated to claim it?

Thanks in advance.


2024-03-22 15_23_23.png

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I'm just posting my resolution with the UFile support team here in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

What I discovered since I posted this topic was that when I deleted the "T2202 - Tuition" form, my daughter's total refund was increased (as expected) by over $2,000 from $1714.32 to $3,779.21. When I added a new form and entered the same information as before [i.e., Amount for post-secondary studies ($3,537), Eligible tuition fees ($177), Number of months of full-time post-secondary studies (5), and Charitable donations ($10)], I clicked the "Review: Review your results, view messages and more" tab EACH TIME I entered the amounts for that form to see which bit of information caused the total refund to drop by over $2,000. It was only when I entered the "Number of months of full-time post-secondary studies" of "5", it was always then that the total refund dropped.

Based on this information, the support team member explained after performing their review of my file that:



... the amount of Canada workers benefit is calculated by UFile if you do not enter the number of months of postsecondary studies in the section “T2202- Tuition” (boxes 24, 25).

If a person was enrolled as a full-time student at a designated educational institution for a total of more than 13 weeks, he/she cannot receive the Canada workers benefit (CWB). The same rule applies for Work Premium for Quebec residents.



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