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Ufile for Windows Login

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I've been purchasing Ufile (T1) for Windows since 2013.  Whenever I log in, I am sent to Ufile Online. i'm trying to install Ufile for certain years since 2013, but I can't get to Ufile Windows. Can you please help, by advising me how to log in to Ufile Windows?  Thank you.

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Geo123 - thank you for that. So then, that leads to this question: for a reason I do not know, ufile 2014 Windows (for example) is not on my computer. I purchased it as a download from uFile, and I still have the Activation Key; how do I download it again? When I go to the ufile website, I can't find an opportunity to do this. I can just get to a page where I can purchase it.

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Hello Terry Toth,

Here is the UFile Win installation link (please note there is no account login required)  :
The below links are secure, if prompted add the link to your Anti Virus and / or Firewall.
UFile 2023 :

If experience issues with the exe (example if the Anti-Virus or Firewall blocks the download or Microsoft forces "not Microsoft verified App" ) then download the zip file instead, unzip it and install.
UFile 2023 :

System requirements :
Operating system: Windows® 10 or Windows® 11.
Hard disk space: 250mb available.
Display: Screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.
Internet access: is required in order to use NETFILE / EFILE, and obtain the latest software updates.
To download Windows 11 :

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