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Ufile not calculating Foreign property capital loss

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I tried to file under Foreign capital gains - Real estate & other depreciable property

I tried to enter below information:

Date of acquisition: 2010-01-01

Date of disposition: 2023-12-31

Proceeds of disposition: 50

Adjusted cost base of the property: 100

Outlays and expenses relating to capital property dispositions: 5


No capital loss is calculated. Is it correct?

But on the other hand, If I put 

Proceeds of disposition: 100

Adjusted cost base of the property: 50

Outlays and expenses relating to capital property dispositions: 5


It will show 45 as captial gain. I don't know what I did wrong. Please help.


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Hello Yo Yo,

Selling Your Property (House Or Residential Complex) :
If you sell your house or residential complex, you generally have to report a capital gain or loss on the sale.
In general, half (50%) of a capital gain on the sale of your house is taxable. However, a capital loss is not deductible.  

A loss from the sale of depreciable property is not considered to be a capital loss. However, you may be able to claim a terminal loss.  This requires CCA claimed from previous years.

T776 – Line 9948







RQ :



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Thank you so much Geo.

May I clarify what depreciable property means? Is that means any house or apartment is a depreciable property?


I am not sure if i understand correctly, as I heard that if i have the capacity loss on selling my house, the loss I can be used on reducing the capacity gain of my investment house in future?


If yes, how should I report it?

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