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Unable to claim child care deduction get warning - "Ufile cannot claim a deduction for the child care expenses entered"

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I am receiving a warning that a deduction cannot be claimed for child care expenses entered.  Expenses have been entered in the returns for each of my children. I've setup my spouse up, but have only provide his net income. I've ensured that every question in the Spouse - Basic information section is answered. 

Clicking on the link with the warning takes me to the field for "What information will you provide for your spouse?" which is answered with Net Income only.

Please advise what I need to do to correct and be able to claim the deduction.

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Hello MareHare,

In order for UFile to calculate the childcare expenses you must enter the complete information for your spouse. You are not required to NetFile your spouse’s return, only to enter the complete information so that the program can calculate the appropriate amounts. 
To enter the complete information for your spouse, go to the left side of the Interview section and click on
“Spouse-Interview type” and select “Complete information (recommended)”.

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CAN YOU CONFIRM this is new for 2023, as I have never entered my spouse's information in the past 10 years, and have successfully claimed child care deduction as the lower earning spouse. In addition the warning stated does not show that a complete information for spouse is needed to claim the childcare deduction. 

Important note: You must select Complete information in the following situations:
  • Your spouse died in the year;
  • You wish to split eligible pension income with your spouse (line 11600);
  • You wish to claim the Canada workers benefit for lower income families (line 45300)
    (unless your spouse was non-resident for the whole year);
  • You were a Canadian resident throughout the year and your spouse immigrated in Canada in the year;
  • You and your spouse immigrated in Canada in the year.

For more information click here.

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