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How to add RL-18 slip into UFile?

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I have received an RL-18 slip related to investment income. I'm unsure of the correct way to enter the details from the RL_18 slip.

Could someone pls guide me on the steps to add the amounts from this slip into UFile? Any advice on properly adding the RL_18 slip in UFile would be extremely helpful.

Thank you!

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54 minutes ago, clw said:

The RL-18 is the Quebec provincial equivalent to the federal T5008. If you entered the federal slip, it will transfer automatically to the RL-18 slip.

Thanks for the explanation! So if I have already entered the details from my federal T5008 tax slip, I do not need to add the RL-18 slip separately, as the information will automatically carry over to the Quebec provincial RL-18 slip. Is my understanding correct?

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