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carbon credit.

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Hello Nataliya,

Yukon Carbon Price Rebate

Effective for the 2019 and subsequent taxation years, residents of the Yukon may be eligible to receive carbon pricing rebates from the Yukon government.

For individuals, the repayment will be made starting in July 2020. The payments will be issued each quarter to individuals and their families.

They will have to indicate in their tax return if they reside outside of Whitehorse.

To do so, under the heading "CRA Questions" under "Yukon's carbon rebate for individuals" the taxpayer will have to answer the question, "Did you reside outside of Whitehorse on December 31, 2019 ?".

The taxpayer will receive the basic refund automatically based on the information entered on their return.

Schedule YT(S14) will be generated by the program.

Climate Action Incentive  (CAI)

Schedule 14 no longer available as a Refundable Tax Credit starting in 2021.
The Government of Canada has announced its intention to deliver the Climate action incentive (CAI) as a quarterly benefit. If you are eligible, you would automatically receive your CAI payments four times a year, starting in July 2042. To receive your payments, you have to file a tax return even if you did not receive income in the year. For more information, go to  canada.ca/child-family-benefits

For 2024 (for 2025) it is paid in installments, along with the GST.  Please refer to the schedule eg.
(Province is applicable) Estimated Ontario Climate Action Incentive Payments for the Period from April 2024 to March 2025


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