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Can’t Netfile dt income from multiple jurisdictions

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Any idea if/when this will be fixed? I have been able to Netfile form T2203 using UFile for Windows in the past, but this year it doesn’t work and generates the warning “Unable to Netfile - The taxpayer is claiming provincial and territorial taxes from multiple jurisdictions."

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I had the same issue mid March . Helpdesk told me to update the program and failed to respond after I reported that this didn't work. I then looked at the CRA website listing of tax software certified for Netfile for 2023 returns. It stated and continues to states that Form T2203 is not supported by UFile for the 2023 taxation year but adds "Certification in process" without any indication of the timing.

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Hello ArleneJM,

Check that you have the latest version of UFile ver.27.10

Update UFile



*Settings (upper right hand corner)

Tax return counter...

Check for updates...    < = = HERE


EFILE-NetFiIe setup

RRSP Calculator

Retirement Planner


>> [Check for updates]     [x] Check for updates automatically



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