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I have PDF file only for 2022. how can I carry forward to 2023?

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Hello Paul Jaikaran,

You can not carryforward the PDF file.

For UFile ONLINE :

It is automatic

How to carry forward UFIle ONLINE: 
Sign in to your UFIle account.  The main page the screen will display :
My Files
Create a new...    [ 2023      ]  [Go !]   < - - - - SELECT here
>> Tax years list
2023  [LAUNCH]  < - - - - SELECT here
>>At the new screen  (with UFIle 2023 logo in right hand corner)
Select  [Start Now on a new tax file]
(Do not select [Import] )


For UFile Windows :

Must carryforward the prior year file

Open / launch Ufile Windows 2023 from the local pc installation
Select the tile >> [Carry Forward a 2022 tax file]
In the dialogue box “Carry forward a 2022 tax file” >> Browse and select the 2022 UFIle *.22


**IMPORTANT : Please note, in order to carry forward a previous year, you must SAVE your tax file to PDF. These actions allow the program to retain your information and carry it forward to the following year automatically.

IF No data in file from last year :

IF you already created the current year file and did NOT save the prior year as a PDF, then you will have to delete the current year, save the PDF file AND resave the file for the prior year and then restart the 2023 year file.

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