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Discrepancy between CRA provincial calculation and Ufile calculation

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For my 2022 Tax return, I received a letter in March 2024 that I owe money to CRA with interest penalty (I had to pay $1340). I compared both CRA assessment and my filing.

  • Total income and net income is same
  • 35000 Total federal non-refundable tax credits
  • 561500 Total Alberta non-refundable tax credits
  • Net Federal and Net Alberta tax increased

Ironically, I am doing my 2023 tax return on Ufile and on Studio tax. I input same information on both. And its giving me different provincial credits on both with Ufile as more credits than StudioTax. Which will result in more refund in Ufile. But I am afraid now that CRA will send letter with interest after a year to claim that back.

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