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deactivating Quebec refile mode in Ufile online?

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I filed my tax return by Ufile online to the last step and received the accepted message but after the next login to my Ufile account, I enabled Quebec refile mode by mistake and this mistake made some errors in my account. Do you know how I can disable Quebec refile mode?

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Hello Ali670,


You cannot undo refile once you clicked the button but you don’t need to undo   Just leave as and don’t file it (again).  
Did you activate by mistake ReFILE Revenu Quebec?
If yes, please open your tax return and go to the section "Revenu Quebec ReFILE".
 "Enter details of the adjustment being made within the amended Quebec return" -  A description is mandatory. You can enter "No changes".

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The same is here, I did your explanation about no changes and the error has fixed.

But I have a question, activating refile made stop the processing of original file which I had sent to Quebec?  I ask this question Because the original files that I sent for myself and my husband, my husband gives his notice but myself is under processing yet ( P.S. he had income and mine was zero, just I had credit of tuition). It is normal that mine is in processing yet or it is because of activating refile?

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