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Tuition Fees

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In Interview tab (2), look in left hand side menu list towards the bottom. There is  Tuition, education, student loans section.

click on that, the on right hand side, click on “+” to open a T2202 form to enter the amount of tuition you paid

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Thanks Jed,

I did enter the T2202, however in schedule 11 it's showing the entire amount is being carried forward.  I want a portion of it claimed for this year.  Not sure where to enter the portion of the amount, that I want to claim for 2023.


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Hello WellDone,

First the tuition must be used in the current year, then the balance is carried forward – this is done automatically by UFile.  Regarding carrying forward tuition fees per CRA "The amount you must use on your own tax return is equal to the amount of credit required to reduce the taxes you owe.



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