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How to Claim Tax paid by Instalments

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I'm entering data manually for the 2022 tax year because downloading tax slips is not an option on this occasion.  I am trying to figure out how to find a specific line 47600 on the tax form in Ufile.  This is on page 8 of the T-1 for 2022.  The line is called Tax paid by instalments.  I have a number to claim, but can't figure out how to enter it.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Okay... so I figured this out, in case anyone else needs the info.

It is line 47600 you need to have added to your interview before you can input any instalment info.

So, in UFile, return to the Start page. Select Continue . Then in the grey panel on the left side of the screen, scroll down and select "instalments and Transfers", then select the + plus button and add this question to your interview.  Then return to the interview and find this question and complete the amount.  

That's it!  I wish the help feature in Ufile did more than define a term in the tax form.

Still, I do like Ufile better than one of the competitors I tried.

Cheers D

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Hello DeeEllis,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will submit this to our development team for review.  he development team is continuously evaluating client feedback to improve the UFile experience.

We appreciate comments and feedback from our clients.

Thank  you for being a loyal UFile customer.

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