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Quebec NETFILE rejected due to Invalid Social Insurance Number for non-resident

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I have a property co-owned with a non-resident. She has a legitimate ITN number (tax number assigned by CRA for non-resident). NETFILE for Revenue Canada passed through without any problem, but NETFILE Quebec rejected with below message. 

Is there any way to get around it? 



April 3, 2024 9:29 PM
Please read the error message(s) below. Make the necessary corrections and retransmit your return. Check social insurance number 099XXXXXX, in form TP-128-V, Income and Expenses Respecting the Rental of Immovable Property. The number is not valid. (T3C0011T)For more information, contact the NetFile Québec assistance (T3Z00004) I


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Hello Jeff C,

Unfortunately we have no control over RQ rejecting the file.   You should print and mail the tax return.


Print Tax Return to mail / Mail Return / Print Return / Print PDF T1 and T2 / mail tax return
In Tab 4, at the bottom of the screen, select the PDF Icons :
[PDF] Federal Print
[PDF] Quebec Print <- - - - IF in Quebec
FYI – for the entire tax return:
[PDF] Download PDF

Then depending on your PDF reader, eg. Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft EDGE; you can save to: 
*desktop, downloads, file directory
*external device such as external hard drive, USB key, cloud drive

~~~~~~~For the Tax Return Instructions~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>>Tax Return (tab 4)
T1 comparative summary
TP1 comparative summary
Assembly instructions p1  <- - - HERE
Assembly instructions p2
You only need to send to CRA those pages with [CRA] printed on the top left hand corner.

CRA - Address:
RQ - Address::

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