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T5008 information for 19, 20 and 21


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Need a clarification on terminology used in ufile for the information required for boxes 19, 20, 21.

Here is the background information (numbers used for illustrative purposes) :

I have exercised stock options at my company which were at set price of  of $ 0.215 per share (50,000 shares). I paid $ 10,750 to acquire these from my company. At the time of the purchase the shares were trading at $ 0.40 per share and I paid $ 2000.85 in taxes. My assumption here is that all of this information is reflected in my T4 in boxes 14 and 22 since i have information in boxes 38 and 39 (security option deductions 110(1)(d). Now, I have moved these stocks into Investment TFSA and disposed of them from within that account. I have received T5008 with no other information than box 21 ($19,000) - this assumes that the I have sold the shares at $ 0.38 per share which is actually an overestimate as my proceeds from all of the transactions for these shares were actually $17,639.60

So back to the original question what are the inputs in ufile for boxes

# 19 (face amount)

# 20 (cost or book value)

# 21 (proceeds of disposition or settlement amount)


Thank you

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