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CCA for Rental Property is blank

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Purchased a new rental property this year.  First time using UFile for CCA.  I entered the purchase costs as explained in another post, and the boxes are filled in as expect in the T776 form.

However, the box for the final deduction (box 18) is 0, and the program did not deduct any depreciation.  UCC in box 19 remains the same as the original entered amount.  I left the Limit CCA box blank in the interview, changing it to any number does not change the effect.  Is this a bug or by design?

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Hello TaxNerd101,

If you entered the CCA correctly and the (box 18) is 0then you can not claim it.  You cannot use CCA to create or increase a rental loss, if you claimed CCA it will be carried forward.

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Thanks Geo123.  So if I understand this correctly, because there’s a loss on the rental already due to the first year expenses, there’s no way to use the CCA to increase that loss.  If/once we have a net profit on the rental, then the UCC can be taken against that?

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Just wait.... every year UFile does not want to calculate CCA to reduce my rental income.... I have to play with % this, % that...

It is partnered 50/50 with my wife, there is net rental income, and I have not limited CCA at all??? What isn't right?

Partner level amount 

Portion for business/ employment??


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