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Spouse's return rejected


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I have just completed 5 years of taxes, from 2019 til 2023.

Everything seems to have been accepted by CRA except my spouse's portion of 2019. The error reads that software generated that he is from Quebec for some reason?

We live and work in Ontario, and that is what all of the tax info reflects...

Any help would be appreciated!

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i filed the return for my spouse on ufile.ca. It was accepted and transmitted to CRA. While i was filing my return on the same page- i found that my spouse’s file was rejected. 
However on the review tab is says accepted and transmitted for both of us.

Please advise - if it has been filed or not or why that message of rejection is there or what should i do to make sure that it is filed for her too.


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Hello Danish,

NetFIle Rejected.

VERY IMPORTANT! UFile cannot remove the CRA error message from NETFILE/EFILE tab. It can change only after a *new* NETFILE/EFILE submission.

This can occur when the file was (successfully) Netfiled and then accidently filed again - even during the same session and /or by an accidental resubmit, repost or refresh of page.

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