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First time home buyer

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Hello KLC,

You can claim $10,000 for the purchase of a qualifying home in 2023 if both of the following apply:
You or your spouse or common-law partner acquired a qualifying home.
In the Interview go to 
>>Other deductions and credits
  >> Home buyers' amount
To split with Spouse – for example :
Select how you want to claim the federal home buyers' amount on line 31270
Claim specified amount 
This amount will automatically be carried over to line 31270 of your spouse's federal return. [$5,000.00]
Enter the amount claimed by you [$5,000.00]
Line 31270 – Home buyers' amount

>>Other deductions and credits
  >>Federal home buyers' amount / Quebec first-time home buyers' tax credit
Are you eligible to claim the home buyers' amount and/or the Quebec first-time home buyers’ tax credit ? [Yes]
 Select how you want to claim the federal home buyers' amount on line 31270 [Claim full amount]
Select if you are eligible to claim the Quebec first-time home buyers' tax credit on line 396 of the Quebec return [Yes]
Information about the home
 Select the qualifying home in respect of the first-time home buyers' tax credit [To inhabit the home as a principal place of residence]
Select the address to use [Use the same address as on return]
 Registration number or cadastral designation registered on the municipal tax account [123456789]
 Home acquisition date [05-05-2023]

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