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For self-employed, where to indicate the amount of collected HST?

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For "Professional income and expenses" for self-employed, the first line requires entering "Gross professional fees including HST". 

But where to enter the HST amount?
How UFile can figure out from the Gross amount how much HST was collected?

Should I enter the collected HST amount under "GST/QST included in sales"?  

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Hello c_config,

You must have made the choice to use the Quick Method of Accounting for the GST/HST.


To learn more about the quick method of accounting and to view some examples, visit the following link;


Note: for Quebec residents, the QST is to be determined in lieu of the HST.

1. On the line for "Gross sales, commissions or fees", you must not include GST/HST collected or collectible.

2. On the line for "Quick method - GST/HST", enter the GST/HST collected or collectible, eligible for the Quick Method of Accounting.

3. On the line for "Quick method - for each applicable remittance rate", you must enter the amount of the GST/HST you have remitted.

4. For expenses, they must be entered with taxes, except eligible capital expenses that must be entered without taxes.

The T2125 will correctly report your gross income before your business expenses on line 8299.

For Quebec residents, TP-80 will show on line 110 the gross income including GST and QST taxes, while on line 114 the amount you have paid will be entered. Finally, on line 120, the amount shown will represent your gross income before your business expenses.

For more information, please visit the following link:


For Quebec residents, we suggest that you consult the "Business and Professional Income" guide, published by Revenu Québec. You can visit the following link:



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Thank you for responding.

I live in Ontario.
Just to clarify, here is the example.

Let's say, I earned $50 000 per year and collected 13% HST of this amount ($6500). 
So, the "Gross professional fees" in my declaration would be  50000+ 6500= $56500.

For simplicity, let's assume that in 2023 I did not make any capital purchases (to claim ITC).
Then, in "Quick method - GST/HST collected...", I should enter my HST amount -  $6500.

Since I ALREDY payed back to the government the whole HST amount ($6500) during 2023, I then enter $6500 in "Quick method - for each applicable remittance rate" (like in the screenshot below).

Is that correct?
What if I don't use the Quick Method? Where to enter the HST amount I collected?





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OK. I see.

It seems I figured out how it supposed to be. 

UFile has nothing to do with HST (unless, as you noticed, there is Quick Method is involved).

In UFile, I have to enter my Gross amount and that's it. 

The details regarding the amounts earned and HST amounts collected are submitted via My Business Account (CRA).


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