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T4 says 'RPP contributions' stub says PSPP & PSPP Er - Where to file?

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Hello! Here is some context, my last paystub of 2023 says under "Deductions" that my PSPP deduction was $6,453.65, and then under "Benefits & Accruals" my employer match, PSPP Er says $6,453.65. On my T4 from my employer I see "RPP contributions [20]" as $6,453.65, and "Pension adjustment [52]" as $8,187.00.

In uFile, I am not seeing where my RRP is used as a tax deductible, do I need to manually put in these values somewhere?

Additionally, to my understanding it looks like the value is only half of the contributions to the plan, as it is either showing my own deductions or my employer's match, but not both together. Should I be claiming as seen in the attached images:





Pay stub showing the phrasing PSPP


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15 minutes ago, Geo123 said:

Hello dh1601,

If by PSPP you mean Public service pension plan it appears in the T4 section - it does not appear in the "RRSP  PRPP/VRSP section"  :


Thank you for your reply! So just to clarify, from my first attached screenshot, those fields that I manually entered that amount would be incorrect? I should empty those and leave it as uFile has done? I also just noticed the difference between PSPP and PRPP, these are not equivalent?

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