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Motor Vehicle Expenses to claim in Rental Property income

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I have purchased the new vehicle and I am using 20% for my rental property business.

I entered the Purchased Vehicle section under the Motor Vehicle Expenses. I could not find the % used for the rental business, I mentioned the kilometers driven for rental but in Area B -Calculation of Capital Cost Allowance CCA Claim, Personal portion does not show while it should be 80%.

Line 9936 is blank.

Will you please guide me.



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Thanks Admin for the reply.

The way you suggested I have entered the data for mine and attached below images are the results.

I have purchased a New EV Car and Electric Charger. EV Charger I mentioned under CCA and shown the 20% for the rental property and it shows in the CCA table Claim table Columns 9 and 18 ( page 3 of Section Statement of real Estate Rentals) but Car I have shown in Motor Vehicle Expense has $0 in those columns.

As well as Area B Equipment addition in the year Car value does not show.( Page 4 of the same section)

In my case it is a new car purchase on March 31'st so Should I mention" Opening Balance of the undepreciated Capital cost" to blank?


Another Topic: On which Expenses I can claim the Building Permit expense?

I entered in Other but the percentage portion for rental is more than 20% but in calculation it shows only 20%.

In Section" If less than 100% of an expense above applies to the business, enter the applicable percentage." there is no selection of Other so I cannot select the different %.

Please guide.



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Hello Geo,

I have two rental property, one approx. 200 Kms away and one in the residence I live.

This is my first year of Rental income. Since it is first year with more expenses on Appliance, repairs, overall it is net loss for now.


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