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Spouse Deceased 2022

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My spouse died in Nov 2022.  I prepared that tax return last year, but I indicated "Final Return".  Unfortunately, some tax forms arrived for the 2023 tax year under her SIN number and "the estate of...".  I was able to complete the Ufile Interview and add the required forms, but when I try to navigate to "Review", I am receiving an error that states her date of death must be in 2023.  

Any ideas on how to best resolve this?  I think it was my fault for indicating the 2022 year as "final return", but not sure how to now proceed...  Thank you!

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Hello drycoff,

The software allows you to prepare the final return of a person who died during the tax year.
Unfortunately, our software does not allow you to file a "Return for rights or things". ie the year after
To file a return for rights or things, we recommend you consult a tax professional.
For more information about the tax implications following the death of a taxpayer, please visit the following links:
For the CRA:
For Revenu Québec:
Canada Revenue Agency/Agence du revenu du Canada - Canada.ca


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