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interest from foreign saving account, company shares and life insurance

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I had bought shares in a foreign company I was working for before immigrating to Canada. the buying was done by many employers as it was an incetive proposed by the company for employers, is that considered a mutual fund ?

these shares are generating dividends that are reinvested in the same plan, so I never touched the interests from thes shares, should I declare these dividends as foreign income? or no since they never left the stock plan? if they should be declared, how do I calculate the income value to report?

I also have what seems to be a foreign life insurance: it's a policy where I deposit an amount of money each month, and the fund increases in value with interests, but I have to wait at least 8 years from date of underwriting in order to withdraw the money in order to benefit fully. so if this is a life insurance, then basically I don't touch the interests because they are always injected within that policy. are these interests considered foreing income that I should declare even that I don't benefit during that tax year? if yes, how to calculate the interest?


and I have foreign saving accounts,one in my name and one in my 9 years child name, both accounts generate interest, but since this interest is instantly available, then it is to be declared, but I only know the net interest that hits my account every 3 or 4 months, I asked the foreign banks and they don't issue the gross interest figures, as it's not usual in that country. since I assume what should be declared is the gross interest not the net one. and since the values are not very big (we are speaking of around $500 interests for the whole year)   is it safe to just charge that net interest by 30% or 40%, which is the tax rate on saving accounts interests in that country?

thank you



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