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NETFILE Rejected : Result 16


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Its quite strange that I didn't submit before but it was rejected because it saying "Your 2023 tax return was already received".

Result : 16

What is the Acknowledgement report? Is it confirming that it was successfully submitted or filed?

When I went to CRA website, it says 2023 Tax return "In Progress"?


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The same thing happened to me today. Both my husband and mine said ready for filing, clicked his, got a confirmation#. When to do mine and his said rejected, due to already filed. I filed mine and it went okay. We do not have CRA to verify anything. Tried to get an answer from UFile but have not heard anything. Not sure what to do at this point. The refile tab has showed up in the set up questions and that only shows up when the taxes are filed. Will never be able to get through to CRA at this time of year. UGH!

any help would be great thanks

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The Acknowledgement report contains the Netfile confirmation number(s).

 MyAccount CRA website, it says 2023 Tax return "In Progress"  < - - CRA received it.

The Canada Revenue Agency's records indicate that your 2023 tax return was already received. Your confirmation number is 623QNF1Hxxx. If you have not previously filed, please contact us. contact us
>>Return has already been filed.  
You can also check with the CRA. To contact CRA :
1-800-959-8281 for inquiries related to individuals.
Telephone numbers – Canada Revenue Agency / CRA wait times:

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We received the same error. It appears that even though the Netfile screen shows that you can submit both users under one tab it attempts to re-submit the users return that is selected for the interview. I.e. I had just completed my wife's return, submitted hers, and then clicked to submit mine. The screen refreshed to say 'Rejected' with her name and prior acceptance code.

When I clicked on my name in the Interview tab, and then clicked on Netfile to file my return then my return submitted successfully. I assume this is just a bug in the software as we can see the Notice of Assessment in my wife's CRA account, and no mention of errors.

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It is strange but it happened to me as well. I successfully filed my wife's file. When I tried to file my files, it showed an error for my wife's previously submitted file! It is her first year so I cannot see if everything is ok for her or not :(


It would be great if anyone can solve this problem or answer what we should do. 

I even called CRA and they told me we cannot see anything right now.

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I was helping my parents file their return, clicked on my Dad, tried to netfile his return and instead it gave a confirmation that my Mom's was submitted! then it said the file was rejected. clicked back to my Dad's and saw the screen where it asks if this is the right info before you send (didn't see that previously) clicked send and it sent his no problem. So now my Mom's still says file rejected and we can't resubmit. It seems like a software bug, like it sent my Dad's file to her netfile and got rejected because it doesn't match.

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netfile access code wrong

Originally it said my file was ready for filing.  Hit the button.  But then got the "REJECTED" message below.  I went back and fixed the netfile access code.  Tried again.  But nothing.

April 20, 2024 10:52 PM

The Canada Revenue Agency was unable to accept your return, as your NETFILE Access code did not match our records. Please compare what you have entered with the access code shown on your notice of assessment.
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Hello LeanneK,

Error code 21 / Result code 21 : The Canada Revenue Agency was unable to accept your return, as your 

NETFILE Access code did not match our records. Make sure you have
Your unique Access code (8 characters)  can be found on your Notice of Assessment (NOA) for a previous tax year. This eight-character Access code is made up of numbers and letters and is located on the right side of your NOA. The placement and labelling of the Access code differs slightly depending on the version of the NOA you are looking at, but will always be on the right side of the NOA.
On the paper version of your NOA as well as the PDF version in My Account, the Access code is not labelled, but can be found directly underneath the Date issued at the top right of the page. If you are viewing your NOA in My Account or using the Express NOA service in certified tax software, the Access code is found directly under the Notice details box at the top right of the page.
Call the CRA 800-959-7383


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