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Ufile online suddenly unresponsive

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Last weekend and yesterday (April 14 - 16, 2024) I had numerous incidents where Ufile online was suddenly unresponsive, as if I was no longer connected. On these occasions I was unable to "save" by moving to the next item in the interview, nor was I able to any other section. It was as if I had been disconnected, and my only option was to save and quit or to log out. In fact, the program did not "save" at this time and I was obliged to re-input data after logging back in. This happened using Chrome and Firefox.

I cannot swear that this is not a problem with my internet service, but I don't think so. This difficulty scares me and makes me wonder about using the on-line version of the program. Unfortunately, I am stuck with it as I use Linux and there is no desktop option for me.

Has anyone else had this problem with Ufile Online? Was there a particular technical issue in the last few days?

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I have been using Ufile online for the last three years. However for the last three days I have tried to complete my 2023 tax information and I cant access the site. 

What is the trouble and when will it be corrected ? Time is running out to the deadline for filing.

Elizabeth Hamlyn

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