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Claim child care expenses but not eligible dependent amount

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My wife and I separated in 2022 and we have 1 child.  For 2023 tax she is claiming the dependent amount (line 30400) but we splitting all the child care costs and we will include 50% on each of our tax forms.  In order to do that I create a dependent and add the expenses, however, the software claims the dependent amount for me (30400) and I cannot remove it.  How can I claim my portion of the child care expenses but not the eligible dependent amount?  

In 2022, when I indicated my marital status changed there was a checkbox asking me if I am claiming the dependent amount and I could select no. However my marital status changed in 2022 so that doesn't apply anymore.



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Hello Steve25,

Go to the dependant's file >> Controls.   Please see below


>>Do you wish to claim this dependant as the qualified dependant for the climate action incentive of the parent's return? Do not claim



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