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No capital gains history carried fireard from 2022

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Hello Bewildered,

If you wish to ensure that the carryforward information is  indeed carried forward to the following year, then save your previous years completed  tax return to PDF and resave the file.  This action will ensure all carry forward information / amounts are carried forward to the next tax year.

Please note you should only  perform this action, saving to PDF,  prior to starting your new tax return. If you carry forward a previous year to a  file that has been completed, you risk overwriting the information already in your file. 
Please follow these steps:
From the “My Files ” main menu first delete the current/new  tax year.
Launch the previous year’s return and go to the “Tax Return” tab 4.
On the bottom of the Tax Return tab click on “Download PDF”
Then click on “settings” in the upper right corner and “Save and Close”
The page will jump to the “My Files” main menu.
Create the new tax year by selecting “Create a new…” and click “Go!”
Launch the new tax year and your information should be carried forward.
Note: if you have paid for your tax return and you delete the file, the payment will also be deleted.  In this case, please contact us and we will provide a voucher to replace the deleted payment.

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Thanks, I tried to follow the procedure but I did not see the same options. A bit unclear when I should be foing things in 2022 or 2023. I tried save as pdf instead of download pdf. I tried renaming the actual file so it would create a new one  but still have not moved the dsta to 2023. 

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