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Income Splitting

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I would like to change the amount of income splitting the system allocates to my spouse .  How do I do this.   How do I know that the amount the system has allocated is the most beneficial amount?  The   system is not allocating the total amount that is allowed.   

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Hello flossie,

IF referring to Pension splitting

1. On the "Left-side menu of the Interview tab", select "Pension income, T4A, split pension".

2. On the page to your right, choose the option "Split pension income with your spouse".

3. For the line "Do you wish to split eligible pension income with your spouse (if in Quebec)?", from the drop-down menu on your right, choose the option that suits you best among the following three:

a) Let MaxBack decide.

b) Transfer to spouse (if eligible). If you choose this option, you must specify the amount that you transfer.

c) Do not transfer to spouse.  < - - - HERE

Moreover, under the "Tax return" tab, you will find a document entitled "Report on split-pension income". By reviewing this report, you will be able to determine which one of the possible pension incomes splitting scenarios is the most beneficial for your couple.


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