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I have purchased UFILE  PC version for years andhaving been using it on my Macbook.  I still need to log-in to web.  I can no longer find any of my u files on my macbook but can see 8 years of taxes online. I purchased PC version again for 2023, but it cannot find any previous *.u22 files so it's empty.  I contact support where one tells me that i have bought PC version for years (yes i KNow), and the next support says we see nothing for you, nothing online, nothing re: PC version maybe i used some other software (pretty insulting) thinking i didn't use it and don't even know, So much so that i am really thinking of switching my tax software for next year.  But i have paid for 2023 so i want to finish it.  Is there ANYWAY from my online version i can get .u23 file so that i can load it up to my PC Version and submit and be done with it all.  As if taxes weren't frustrating enough dealing with UFILE is more.

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