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"Cannot Netfile QC return"

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A friend had a sole proprietorship that ceased operating in 2022. We checked the box that says "last year was the final year of operation", still gave description of business including NAICS code (carried forward from UFile 2022), and gave year start and year end (1/1/2023-31/12/2023) since it seems to be mandatory.

Getting an error that can't Netfile QC return because "You entered a business or a rental property without any relevant data.". We did add income=$0 but that didn't fix it.

What's the best way to do this? What other information is QC demanding other than: business closed in 2022, $0 income in 2023.


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Thank you but it's a T1 return and there's a box to say "last year [2022] was my final year". What purpose does that serve if I can't file a T2125? I'm worried CRA and/or RQ will contact her to ask why there's no T2125. It's an easy answer but I don't want to make her nervous needlessly.


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