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download does not work, loops for hours

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Hello Jim Croft,


If message is :    [] [] [] [] [] []Keeps loading 

>>Keeps loading >> must click Next in CRA window




If you cannot autofill, there are many issues you have to verify before:


*If you have the message “loading…”on the UFILE screen, have you clicked “Next” on the secondary screen that opens from the CRA – may be hidden behind your active screen.

*Make sure your password and access is up to date with the CRA website.

*Make sure no anti-virus or firewall is preventing download.

*Temporarily disable your VPN (if you have one).

*Make sure your TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are checked in the security settings of the Control Panel.

OR the CRA Servers are overloaded. Try again at off peak hours.

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