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Tax return for estate?

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Does UFile Windows (or another product from same publisher) support creating a tax return for an estate?

Not final return for deceased individual (I know how to do that), but for income earned after death.

The person died early in 2024, so there will be a final T1 for income received from 1/1/24 to date of death (DoD). Estate income should be straightforward, the bank says even if they cash all the deceased's GICs and transfer to beneficiaries today , there's going to be a T5 for interest earned from DoD to today (no other slips).

They're considering leaving some GICs in the estate (better rate than offered now) so there could be a T5 in 2025 too. If cost of preparing estate return is too much, might cash all now, but still need a way to do an estate return for 2024 no matter what.

Does UFile or another product support this, or if not, is it easy enough to do a paper return?


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