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T1135 Error (Invalid or missing data: Second Name)

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It is my first time filing tax and I don't have NETFILE Access Code or CRA MyAccount. 

I have successfully filed the Federal tax via Ufile, got the confirmation number, but I can't submit T1135. It said "Rejected: The Canada Revenue Agency was unable to process your form. The transmission contains invalid or missing data: Second Name (If you do not have a second name, enter the letter X instead.)."

However, I am not sure where to enter 'Second Name' in the T1135 form. I then turned on ReFILE Mode, and tried to add 'X' in Middle Name and resubmit. But now, both Federal File and T1135 are shown as rejected.

What should I do?

I also could not validate my identity when I tried to register CRA MyAccount, is it because my tax has not been filed and assessed?

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Thanks for your reply.  However, I have already filled in First name and Last name in the Identification section, why would there be an error?

I have another question about ReFILE Mode. I submitted once successfully but then I turned on ReFILE Mode and resubmit. But now, both Federal File and T1135 are shown as rejected. Could CRA still receive my first submission (I had received a confirmation number)? Any way I can quit the ReFILE mode?

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Hello cherrywuuuu,

You must contact the CRA, we have no way of knowing why CRA rejects it with an error.

You cannot undo refile once you clicked the button but you don’t need to undo   Just leave as and don’t file it (again).  REFile mode can not be enabled unless already NetFiled - is not possible.


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