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RESP educational assistance payments 042 / RL1-O

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My 17 year old son started his college studies in 2023 and got some of his RESP money from his bank account. 

UFile says that I'm not eligible for the NETFILE federal return because "You have to confirm that your eligible dependant's net income is NIL. Click here."

So, should I confirm ? His 042 / RL1-O is not considereded an income ?


You cannot currently NETFILE the federal return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections when possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotes a NETFILE exclusion (i.e. the return cannot be transmitted).

 You have to confirm that your eligible dependant's net income is NIL. Click here.

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Hello Entrobert,

T4A Box 040 If you received an AIP from a registered education savings plan (RESP) in the year, you may have to pay an additional tax on all or part of the amount shown in box 040 of your T4A slips. Complete Form T1172, Additional Tax on Accumulated Income Payments from RESPs.

T4A Box 040

You do not get an RESP tax deduction for the money you put into an RESP, but your money can grow tax-deferred while it is in the plan. When funds are withdrawn for educational purposes, tax is applied to the investment income and government grants received when withdrawn from the RESP, not on the contributions you made using your funds. These amounts are taxed in the hands of the student, and this usually means little or no tax will be paid, because students typically fall into the lowest tax bracket.

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Thank you, but this is not a question, I understand that. 

The question is HOW to correct a mistake and TO NETFILE FEDERAL RETURNS ?

Do I need to confirm that my eligible dependant's net income is NIL ? Is it Nil ?


As about form T1172 - isn't it about previous years which means before 2023 ? My son started college in 2023:


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If the Dependant has income then you do not check net income is NIL  and  click "yes" these are two contradictory recommendations.

There is no proper solution on UFile ? 

There is supposed to be one because it is a common Error for all the first-year students who start using their RESP.

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