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Disability Tax Credit - why does it include both 30450 Caregiver and 31800 Disability transferred from a dependent ?

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I'm trying to use DTC (line 31800) on a dependent (and claim the unused portion) but not claim the Caregiver amount (line 30450).   But no matter what I do, it always puts both lines 30450 and line 31800 as deductions in the non-refundable tax credits. 

I assume that I'm not eligible for both those deductions, only the DTC 31800 deduction.  How do I get UFile to work so it only include the DTC 31800 deduction?  

Below is my configuration:

For the  "Dependent" in my family, I add the  "Infirmity/disability" with options: 




But when I do the  image.png.62fc2fad33c6485f7cbffa6e78671645.png , in my Non-Refundable tax credits, both the 30450 Caregiver and the 31800 Disability amounts are deducted, even though I configured:






What am I doing wrong?  Why do I get the Caregiver deduction with I configured it to be NO?  Or is the a UFile Defect? 

I've tried all the options that make sense for:


But none resolve this issue.







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