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Non-eligible retiring allowance and legal fees to get the allowance

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I was let go from my job in Dec 2022, in early Jan -Feb 2023 I hired a lawyer and in the end my previous employer agreed to provide me with  a  non-eligible retiring allowance,  my T4 in box 67 inidcated this amount as well as an amount to  box 22 of Income tax deducted.   No  other boxes my t4 had amounts, as it was not "income" .. Ufile in review  provide these comments.

1.  CPP - what do I do. 

2.  The legal fees I incurred, though I had not income I still had fee to get my income.

Do I leave things as they are? don't respond the warning in review?

FYI, I had not income for 2023 outside of income from my investments and was collecting EI.

Not sure what to do???



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