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tuition trasferred to parent

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My son had a tuition amount of 4053 for tax year 2022, since he did not have much income in 2022, I transferred the tuition to me and claimed the full amount of 4053. However, when I file taxes for 2023, I noticed that his CRA account tuition carry over amount still shows 4053. How should I correct it?

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Hello Vivienmum,

You can use the CRA MyAccount - T1 adjustment service - please contact CRA for guidance :


Change my return is a tool in My Account that allows you to make adjustment requests for the 10 previous calendar years. For example, a request made in 2024 must relate to tax year 2014 or later to be considered.

This tool makes it easy to change your return online by guiding you through common changes such as adding tax information slips and claiming the disability tax credit.

As well, it includes questions and messages when the CRA:

    needs more information
    detects errors
    needs supporting documents to finalize your request

For information on processing times, see Processing times.
Additional options in Change my return

You can make an online request to apply these losses:

    carryback amounts, such as:
        capital losses
        non-capital losses
    carryforward amounts, such as:
        farming losses
        fishing losses
        restricted farm losses


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