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Unreliability at crunch time

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I've been using UFile for 10 years. The "prefill my prior tax return information" was pretty sticky. But when I started my 2023 return on the evening of April 29th and:

  • My family info and rental income property info didn't prefill no matter how many times I downloaded the 2022 PDF and deleted the 2023 file to try again
  • The site was excruciatingly slow processing each and every click
  • Finally, the site gave up, went down, and does not appear to be coming back online after 4hrs

I gave up and used TurboTax this year. It's 2x the price but it was up when I needed it.

This is your moment, UFile. You can't be unreliable on the tax filing deadline. Pay for the extra 24hr production support to stay online. And test the import past year feature because that was the only thing that kept the switching cost to a competitor high. Once it wouldn't pre-fill, I had nothing holding me to UFile any longer.

You lost me as a customer tonight, but I wanted to at least let you know why so this feedback could help you out next year.

Best wishes.

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