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Netfile error

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Hello Robertoll,

1. This Error will arise if you attempt to NetFile a Return when you selected the option "No, I will mail it" within the NetFile Page under the Interview Tab.  You must be sure to select the option "Yes (if eligible)" instead of “No, I will mail it"
2.The response for  <Does this taxpayer require a tax return?>  was set to  <Let MaxBack decide> and apparently Max decided that a federal return was not needed.  When I set it to <Yes> I was able to netfile the federal return.  
3. For your Dependant’s file, go to #2 Interview and on the left sidebar, click on "Ontario tax credits."
Click on "ON-BEN Application" and click on the +.
It will prompt you to look through all the information, but scroll to the final option where it says "Who should receive?" these benefits and simply select let "MaxBack" decide. (This section is about The Ontario Trillium Benefit and Senior Housing Benefits, if I recall correctly.)
4. had not put the cents in for my income on my business form and once i did it worked
5.Try clearing your cache (Ctl-H) or another broswer eg. From Chrome to Firefox

If none of these clear the error message than you should mail the tax return

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