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Charitable Donations is wrong - phantom amounts

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Ufile is creating "phantom" charitable donation amounts for both mine and my spouse's returns. Even with NO charitable donation filled out in the Interview process. For either of us. The phantom amount seems to change, but I can't see why/what.

It's skewing everythihg.

Anyone else having this problem?  All help appreciated!

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I've been on hold for their telephone support for about an hour.

I also submitted an email query about the same time as I phoned.

Getting a little frustrated. But my own fault for waiting until the last day to do my taxes.

Never had a problem with Ufile in all the years I've been using it.


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I finally was connected to their phone support person.

She wasn't that helpful, but instructed me to send her my file, using the Help ! Support Assistant option.

She said they will look at it, and get back to me via email. She implied that it would be done quickly, but I won't hold my breath. I imagine they're pretty busy right now.

I'll put an update in here if/when I get an answer.

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Update:  Just a stupid error on my part. In a Capital Gains entry, I accidentally specified that it was to be allocated as a Gift, when it should have been "Not a Gift". That skewed everything.  I corrected that, and all is good.

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