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Things appeared that I didn't write, my T4 disappeared that I did enter

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Ok - so the last few days, UFile has been barely working, painfully slow, and it took me hours to do five minutes of work.  I decided to let it go and I'll just have to be late this year (I've never waited this long before - lesson learned).  

Last night, I typed in all my info from my T4. 

This morning, it has all disappeared!


But what is REALLY ODD and WORRISOME is that there are two pages that have appeared without me having added them and I don't understand! 

Under "interest, investment income, ...." it has two pages that have been added (I never added anything here) - it says I have a T5 and a T936-CNIL .... what? I don't even know what that is.  And there are numbers in there! I am so confused ... I want to "delete" (-) the pages but I am suspicious now. 




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