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CCA class 8 had under-depreciated $ amount, after chose Dispose of asset, didn't result in zero UCC


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I use the Windows version of UFile for tax year 2023.   For a rental property, there had been multiple class 8 assets being depreciated over the past decade.  One of these Class 8 asset was a dishwasher.  At the beginning of carrying forward data from previous tax year (from Ufile2022 file), this dishwasher had a $358.56 UCC at beginning of year 2023.    During the year, this equipment/machine was disposed (no longer functioning, no value and out of warranty).    On the CCA page, I scrolled down to provide a YES answer to the field "Did you dispose of an asset in this class?” with proceed of $ zero.   

At the end, Ufile does its calculations and I had expected the result on a page called "capital cost allowance to carry forward" to be zero value along the column "UCC at the end of period".  That page showed $286.85 instead of zero value I was expecting.    3 images are attached.     The first 2 images are the first and second half of the interview questions for this Class 8 asset.  The third image is the generated result.

Does it seem like a software bug in Ufile2023?

Screen1, dishwasher disposed.JPG

Screen2, dishwasher disposed.JPG

Screen3, result of calculation, dishwasher disposed.JPG

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