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"File Rejected"

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Hello, I am using the Ufile online, and step 5 is not working. Please see below. You can see it is "File rejected". There is no error, and I am sure it is ready for filing. Not sure why it is rejected. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks!!




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Hello Xiyao.

Please contact the CRA.  As per the message "The NETFILE transmission service may be closed for scheduled maintenance."  Note that the File Rejected messge will not change until submitted successfully.




Result 51

Netfile is not operational at this time.  Please try again later.  The NETFILE transmission

service may be closed for scheduled maintenance. Please visit the NETFILE website.

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Hi, thanks. I contacted CRA, and Netfile is only at maintenance between 3-6am, and I tried file the tax return outside of 3-6am, but not sure why still not working. Can you please check the Ufile system and fix it from your end. I do not think it is something with Netfile. Please check your system. Thanks 

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Hi, yes that is the version. Not sure why? Is that because I did not pay for it? However, it says as long as I have the T2202, I should get a free tax return. Please advise. thanks

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