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Help me understand CCA for commission employee using vehicle?

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First year working in a commission compensation structure at a new company. Purchased a vehicle in May 2023 for this role, use it approx 70% work and 30% personal.

I've added a 'purchased vehicle' tab under motor vehicle expenses in the interview but am a bit lost as to how to properly enter my information.

I understand that as the vehicle is partially used for personal use, the deductions are pro-rated - do I need to calculate that prior to entering them into the boxes in the interview (such as "maintenance and repairs for the year")?

Let's say the vehicle I purchased was 20,000 and used from May - Dec... my understanding would be that I can claim the following as CCA:
20,000x30%=6,000 /2 (for half year rate) = 3,000 x 70% (prorate for 30% personal use = 2100. Where do I enter this amount?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Hello taxesaretaxing,

Yes, you are correct.

Interview >> Motor vehicle expenses >> Purchased motor vehicle
Vehicle information
*Model of vehicle  [CCA Addition]
*Make of vehicle [My_Car]
 *Purchase date of the vehicle [01-01-2023]
 *Kilometres travelled to earn employment income [7]
 Total kilometres you drove in the tax year [10]
CCA class
*CCA class of the vehicle  [Class 10 - 30%]
*Opening balance of the undepreciated capital cost [NULL]
Vehicle acquisition during the year
*Description and amount of capital additions (other than AIIP):  [My_Car]  [$20,000.00]
*Description of the vehicle  [My_Car]
 *Adjusted cost base of the vehicle  [$20,000.00]


> T777 - Employment expenses p2
Capital cost allowance
(see Parts A and B on pages 4 and 5)  $3,000
Line 20 multiplied by line 29 Employment-use portion = $2,100  30



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