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T777 Vehicle Expenses Required for Rentals?


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When I checked the resulting forms the T777 is empty even though I am reporting vehicle expenses. According to the goverment help line, I am allowed to claim vehicle expenses if I own 2 or more rentals.


Should the T777 form for vehicle expenses be filled out by the UFile Pro since I am reporting vehicle expenses?


Any comments will be appreciated.

Thank you.


P.S. I sent the question to UFile a few days ago with no answer.

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First I changed, F777 to T777 in your text because F777 does not exist.


If you are a salaried employee, you can deduct certain employment expenses that you have incurred that relate to your work.


However, make sure that your employer has first provided you with the duly completed federal Form T2200, as well as the Quebec Form TP-64.3 if applicable. In order to claim those employment expenses, please follow these steps:


1- In the "QuikClik Navigator", located on the left-hand side of the screen, click on "Interview setup".

2- On the right-hand side of the screen, under "Deductions and credits", check "Employment expenses" and click "Next" at the bottom of the page.

3- Return to the "QuikClik Navigator", click on "Employment expenses" and on the screen to your right, select "Employment expenses eligible for an employee earning a salary".

4- In the new page that appears, you must enter the name of your employer and all other relevant information, then click "Next" at the bottom of the page.


As a salaried employee, you can also deduct your qualifying motor vehicle expenses, including capital cost allowance. In this case, return to the "QuikClik Navigator" and click on "Motor vehicle expenses." In this section, choose the appropriate option depending on your situation.


If you have used a home office as part of your job, return to the "QuikClik Navigator" and click on "Home office expenses" to enter the eligible expenses.


To report the employment conditions, return to the "QuikClik Navigator" and click on "Employment conditions", then answer the questions. The information entered will only apply at the federal level. To enter your conditions of employment at the Quebec level, return to the "QuikClik Navigator", click on "Employment conditions - Quebec" and enter the requested information.

The amount of eligible expenses will be reported on line 229 of the federal return and on line 207 of the Quebec tax return, and Code 07 will be entered on Quebec line 206.


Furthermore, the program will generate the forms for employment expenses, namely the federal T777 and the TP-59 for Quebec, as well as the forms for employment conditions, i. e. federal Form T2200 and Form TP-64.3 for Quebec.

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Thank you Gabriel for the quick reply.


Yes, it is T777.


In the area to report income from a property there is one single field to report expenses from a vehicle. That single (final) amount does not give the details to UFile to fill out T777.


I'll do the following and hope it is correct:


1. Still report the vehicle total expense in the property income area.

2. Follow you suggestions to find the T777 and fill it out with the details of the vehicle expenses.


Thanks again,


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I'm having the same issue and I don't think the response aforementioned will fix it.  Here's my scenario:  


  • Two rental properties
  • A part-time professional Consulting Business
  • Regular employment income
  • One Vehicle to that shares the expense over the scenarios above.  

For my part-time professional consulting business, i'm filling out the T2125.  There's a specific section, in the interview, that asks me about my motor vehicle expenses.  I fill out my gas, oil, repair etc costs in this area.  It also asks me for the km used out of the total km driven for the year.  Easy enough!  The issue is when I try to do the same thing for my two rental properties.  I'm filling out T776 (via the interview), however, I'm not able to fill out any details around my motor vehicle expenses.  It doesn't ask me for my fuel, oil, repairs, etc in the interview.  Nor do I see anywhere to input any km driven for rental / total km driven  All I see is "Motor vehicle expenses" in the "Income,Expenses".  There's no separate "Motor vehicle expenses" tab like there is for my part-time business income reporting.  When I run the results and look at the PDF file, I do see a blank "Chart A - Motor Vehicle Expenses" on page 3, but it's all blank.  There seems to be no way to fill out this page when you're populating a T776 form for rental income.  However, it does populate on the T2125, as the interview asks for these details.  


I would like to allocate my one vehicle over the three business.  Is this a glitch that I can't fill in details on my T776 for my Motor Vehicle expenses, or am I missing something in the interview to fill this out?  


Thank you

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In this case, you need to enter the total amount you are claiming as expenses on line "Motor vehicle expenses (not including CCA)" of the "Income, expenses" page in the "Rental income" section.


To calculate this amount, you need to know how many kilometres you drove specifically for the rental income.


Please consult the following link for the allowance rates of each kilometre:



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