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marital status change


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Thanks for your reply.


Yes, I have entered my marital status as of Dec 31, 2013 as "married" BUT then it asks if there has been a change in status during the year and I have to enter yes. (or I believe the option is "change" vs "no change"). At this point it makes me define the change with options like "single, then married" or "separated, then reconciled in same year" or "separated then divorced" etc. There is no "other" category where you can enter your own specific situation. And you cannot simply leave it blank.


So far I have entered "separated then reconciled in same year" although this is not technically correct since I was separated in 2011. Looks like I may have to call revenue canada.


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Similar-  Change in your marital status" dropdown has limited options

In the "Change in your marital status" dropdown, there is no selection for "Separated then Common-Law" however both these terms are valid terms used in other dropdown selections.  Is there an appropriate selection that can be chosen and recognized by CRA?.

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