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When I help my clients whose incomes are 0(zero),

the result showed that she cannot Eflie federal return because she has to confirm spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL.

So, I clicked family head's control section and put yes to confirm his spouse's income is 0.

But still the problem was not solved. 

The message says that spouse cannot trasmit through efile because she has to confirm her spouse(family head)'s income is NIL.

However, how can I access control section in spouse(wife) file?

I could access control section only in family head's file?


Is there anyone who got the same message like me?

"You have to confirm tat your spouse's adjusted taxable income is NIL

You have to confirm that your spouse's provincial/terrtorial adjusted taxable income is NIL."


Again, I confirmed but still the problem is not solved.

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There should be a link next to the error message saying "click here to fix" or something like that.  Clicking on that link will bring you to the page where you need to confirm for the spouse / dependent.  At the bottom of that page, there is a drop down box next to the questions to confirm their net income is nill - just select "yes" for the pertinent case.


Seems to be a new requirement from CRA this year - I don't remember ever seeing this in the past! :)

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Same problem with me, I can't find the "Controls" section in spouse's(wife) file.


Hi Jason,


The link 'click here to fix' takes me to the 'Spouse Identification Section' & there is no drop down box on this page or the subsequent pages to confirm the net income is nill. This option is only available within the 'Controls' of the 'Head of family'.


There is an issue here for sure when the total net income for both of them is zero.




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Ok, on trial & error , this is what I noticed. Even though the income is zero, on the interview page for the spouse, I clicked both the options , 1st - No income & the 2nd - T4 / T4A with the thought I will put 0 on the T4.


Just by clicking both, the "control option" for spouse  opens up & you get the drop down to select 'Nil income' . Hope this is correct & helps.



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I still have the same problem. When I click in the results page besides where the error is, it takes me to the Identification page.

I also tried to click both check boxes, No income & Income T4.., but still I don't see the Controls section appears for the Spouse.


I guess the only way is to send it by mail. But it looks like an issue with UFile that needs to be fixed.




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I'm sorry to hear that this problem is persisting for a couple of you! :(  I think it would be best to send an email to UFile's support (support@ufile.ca) and let them know what error you are getting.  They'll send you instructions on how to send them a copy of your return so that they can see the specific errors you are getting.

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As you do not see the group Controls in the spouse's QuikClik Navigator, to be able to answer the questions, please proceed as follows:

1.In the spouse's file please go in the Interview setup
2.Remove the tick on No income
3.Enter a tick for Employment income
4.Click Next
5.You will see now Controls in the file
6.Answer the 2 questions for NIL adjusted taxable income (the third question is not for a married couple is for single parents so you do not answer anything)
7.Go back in the Interview setup
8.Tick the line for no income in the year

You are all set.

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