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Tuition and Scholarships Awards Received for Study Abroad


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I have a student son studying in US, and I have encountered two issues using U-File to report the tuition abroad.


1) The University provided the filled form TL11A, for which there is no entry in the U-File Interview questionnaire.


I kind of "resolved" this by inputting the information as if it is T2202A form, since both fields and information provided are similar. But if someone has a better solution specific to U-File Interview, please share it.


2) The University provided the amount of scholarship awards granted to my son for the tax period in simple text form on the official letter, however it is not any numbered form per CRA specifications.


Would greatly appreciate if someone could advise how to proceed with this case, and where to input in U-File Interview the amount of awards granted.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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Form TL11A is used to certify eligible tuition fees and the number of months that qualify for the education amount for a student taking a course at a university outside Canada that lasts at least three consecutive weeks and leads to a degree for the student of at least the bachelor level.


To enter tuition fees, please follow the steps below:


1- In the "QuikClik Navigator", on the left-hand side of the screen, select the item "Tuition, education, student loans".

2- On the right-hand side page, select "Tuition, education and textbook for the dependant".

3- On the new page generated on the right, the tuition fees must be entered in the file of the person who incurred the tuition fees. Enter a brief description of school expenses, then enter the amount of tuition paid in Canadian dollars for the tax year. Also, enter the number of months of post-secondary full-time or part-time studies, if applicable, based on the information displayed on the TL11A.


For more information about tuition fees, please visit the following links:


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