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2014 Ufile not carrying forward to 2015


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I have been using this software since it first launched!!!


I need to carry forward my tuition and a lot of other things that I have claimed for my daughter and for myself.


In the past, this was always done automatically. I see in the "Getting Started" tab, it says that you can submit your Ufile account by browsing and uploading the *.u14 file. But as I go back to my previous tax year 2014, I cannot save an electronic file anymore. It is no longer saved when converting to Netfile.


Will this be resolved? I would have to use another source for processing my taxes, as I have thousands of unused tuition fees and other expenses that I need to carry forward.


Please advice if you will be fixing this glitch and allowing for the 2014 year transfer to the 2015.


Otherwise it would be too complicated for me to figure out and do manually.!!!




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I got it to work by running Windows 7 in Compatibity Mode

Go to Search in Windows bottom left side Windows icon

Type in


You’ll see Find and Fix Problems


Run programs made for previous versions of Windows

Program Compatibilty- NEXT

Scroll down and select Ufile 2015

Try Recommended settings first if it doesn’t work try the line after to Troubleshoot programs

Start Ufile and run an Update, you should be OK, then now open

Now try Carry Forward or Open an existing after the update is done.

You might have to run this again the next time you run the programs but its least this works




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